Best things to do in Kranjska Gora | What not to miss in Kranjska Gora and around

Best things to do in Kranjska Gora | What not to miss in Kranjska Gora and around

Best things to do in Kranjska Gora | What not to miss in Kranjska Gora and around

Are you planning on visiting Kranjska Gora and you are asking yourself what are the best things to do in Kranjska Gora? Here are some tips on what not to miss in Kranjska Gora and around.

Kranjska Gora is awesome! Full of lakes, waterfalls, valleys, and mountains. All of the sights are easily accessible and mostly free. It is also not completely flooded by tourists, so you can enjoy the place even more. This year was our second visit to Kranjska Gora and we fell in love with it, even more, it surprises us every time! A real paradise in our small and beautiful country.

Kranjska Gora attracts visitors through all year round. In the winter, people are skiing in Kranjska Gora ski center, and ski jumpers are making new records in Planica Nordic center. In the summer Kranjska Gora attracts nature and mountain lovers.

When to visit Kranjska Gora

You can visit Kranjska Gora through all the year. In the summer months, when it gets warmer you can explore the natural beauties that Kranjska Gora has to offer, you will have a lot of work, that’s for sure!

In the winter months, you can try yourself in winter sports, Kranjska Gora has one of the biggest and the best-equipped ski resorts in Slovenia.

How to get to Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora is very easily accessible, especially by car. I really recommend you come with the car to this part of Slovenia, it will make your life much easier. You have good connections to highways in Slovenia, and even in Austria and Italy. Also, Ljubljana airport is about one hour drive away.

If you are coming from Ljubljana we recommend the road Ljubljana – Kranj – Jesenice – Kranjska Gora. Coming in your own car or renting one will make your trip much more pleasant and you will be able to see more attractions in this area. If you are traveling without a car, don’t worry, you can still reach Kranjska Gora. You can take:


If you are coming by bus from Ljubljana for example, the bus will take you by the same route that we recommended in the case, you are coming by car: Ljubljana – Kranj – Jesenice – Kranjska Gora. You have frequent buses driving every hour, the ride will take about 2 hours. You can check the schedule HERE. The ticket will cost you 8,7€.


The nearest train station is in Jesenice, which is 20 kilometers away from Kranjska Gora, the bus ride takes about half an hour. So, you can catch a train in Ljubljana to Jesenice, you jump off the train and take a bus to Kranjska Gora. You have frequent connections through all day long, check the schedule HERE.

The train ride will take you a bit more than one hour and it will cost you 5,8€. What is good about the train is, that on some trains you can take your bicycle with (check on the SCHEDULE) and you don’t need to rent it to explore around the area.

Best things to do in Kranjska Gora

You won’t be bored in Kranjska Gora, that’s for sure! Whether you like biking, hiking, adrenaline, or just beautiful nature, Kranjska Gora has it all! What are the best things to do in Kranjska Gora:

Visit waterfall Pericnik

Pericnik waterfall is located in a beautiful Vrata valley and it really is spectacular. With its hight of 52 meters is one of the highest waterfalls in Slovenia and you can visit it all year round if you are lucky you can even see it frozen in the winter. We visited this wonderful waterfall in the summer months and absolutely loved it, its one of our favorite waterfalls in Slovenia!

Best things to do in Kranjska Gora
Pure nature perfection

Very easily accessible as well, you park your car on the parking space under the waterfall area and then you walk to it. It is a short but steep, very well marked track leading up to the waterfall, the walk takes about 15 minutes. The waterfall will blow your mind and you can even walk behind it, and see the waterfall from another angle which is not a thing you can do every day.

If you want to walk more, you can even hike to the second waterfall but the path gets much steeper (not suitable for small kids).

Wear shoes, it can get slippery.

Hike to Martuljek falls

What a beautiful hike, I loved every single second of it! I visited Martuljek falls on a very hot day and the first thing I noticed was that immediately I started walking it wasn’t hot anymore. This beautiful gorge has some special climate and a nice cold breeze blowing through all the time. Perfect for cooling down in the hot summer days.

Best things to do in Kranjska Gora
On the way to the first waterfall

The scene is really picturesque, you will see rapids, falls, and beautiful nature. There are three falls on the way, the most beautiful and impressive are the Lower and Upper Martuljek fall. You will have to walk approx half an hour to reach the first one and 1,5 hours to reach the last one. Be aware that the path to the Upper Martuljek fall is demanding and suitable for experienced hikers only! Wear proper footwear.

Best things to do in Kranjska Gora
Waterfall in Martuljek

Visit Zelenci, the nature reserve

Probably one of the most photographed places in this area, at least I know I have seen so many pictures on social media about Zelenci. Zelenci natural reserve is situated between Ratece and Kranjska Gora… Water in this spring never freezes, it has a constant temperature of 6 degrees.

After you park on the free parking lot, you will walk through a beautiful forest towards Zelenci. The walk is very short and easy (under 10 minutes), everyone can do it. My first thought was that the place is quite smaller than on the pictures but regarding that, it really is something out of this world. Turquoise, crystal clear water, and the Julian Alps in the background. Not a place to miss, that’s for sure!

Because the area is quite small I would just make it a stop on the way to other attractions, because you won’t spend more than one hour there.

Best things to do in Kranjska Gora
Beautiful nature reserve Zelenci

Hike or drive to Triple border (Tromeja)

When was the last time you walked in Slovenia, Austria, and Italy on the same day? Now you have the option!

If you decide to walk to the Triple border you have a bit challenging walk to reach the top. You start your walk in Ratece and finish it on the peak of Pec mountain, 1509 meters high. The views from the top and from the way up are incredible so the walk is, even though it can be demanding in some areas, really rewarding. On the top, you have borders of three countries: Slovenia, Italy, and Austria. The top also offers incredible views of the Julian Alps.

Best things to do in Kranjska Gora
The views are really out of this world

If you are not into hiking to the top you can still drive there in your car. You have a bit narrow and unpaved road from Radece that leads all the way to the top.

Visit Nordic Centre Planica

Every year visited by thousands of ski jump enthusiasts, Planica is one of the biggest jumping hills in the world and many world records have been set there. Every year in mid-march, Planica hosts Ski Jumping World Cup and it definitely is a national symbol of Slovenia.

Nordic center Planica is ideal for people that are into all kinds of sports – in the winter you have more than 8 kilometers of cross country trails that lead all the way to the beautiful Tamar valley.

In the summer you can walk or bicycle to Tamar valley, you will be impressed, that’s for sure.

Do you know where is the steepest zipline in the world? You are right, it is in Planica! You can experience extraordinary feelings that go through the world’s jumping elite from the first hand.

On the way to Planica

Have a coffee next to Lake Jasna

I can’t imagine a better place to enjoy your coffee in Kranjska Gora than here. Jasna lake is actually two artificial lakes, that are connected at the confluence of Velika and Mala Pisnica. Lake Jasna is on the way to Vrsic mountain pass, if you drive by, be sure to make a stop there.

You will love the view on this beautiful aquamarine mountain lake and the Julian Alps as its background. You can enjoy the views from the beautiful wooden pier or you can have a relaxing walk around the lake, you have many marked paths there. Before you leave don’t forget to take the picture with the famous bronze Capricorn, it is a must.

Best things to do in Kranjska Gora
Lake Jasna with the famous Capricorn

Explore around on a bicycle

This is a very popular activity in Kranjska Gora, you will see people on bicycles on every corner. This perfect for everyone that likes to be more active, you have many routes to choose from. You can pick a gentle ride or a more demanding trip to the heart of the Alpine valleys.

A map with more than 200 km of marked cycling paths is available, you can get it in all tourist information centers in Kranjska Gora, Ratece and Mojstrana. The best time for exploring around on the bicycle is spring, summer, or fall.

Where to eat in Kranjska Gora

You have plenty of restaurants in Kranjska Gora and around here are some of our favorite ones:

Chinese restaurant Shanghai

Very good Chinese restaurant in Kranjska Gora is opened since 1999 and it is known for its long tradition and good cuisine. Really welcoming and friendly staff will serve you Chinese, Sichuan, Cantonese, and Mongolian food. Very delicious and good value.

Gostilna Surc

Located in the village Ratece – Planica, near to the Tripple border of Italy, Austria and Slovenia. Gostilna Surc is a very pleasant restaurant with an almost 50-year-old tradition where you can still feel the atmosphere of old times and unspoiled nature. Try their fried chicken, its the best!

Skipass hotel restaurant

A higher price range restaurant with a unique location and spectacular food, easily the most upscale dining option in Kranjska Gora. There you can try specialties from Slovenian, Italian and Austrian cuisine. You will be impressed with the genuine taste of dishes from our two neighboring countries and led into the world of unforgettable flavors.

Pri Zerjavu

This family restaurant was opened during the Austro-Hungarian Empire back in 1912. You can try a big variety of dishes from their menu. Its local, fresh, and delicious. Try their specialty: rateski krapi.

Where next?

You can drive over Vrsic pass and continue to Bovec, you can read more about Bovec HERE. Vrsic pass with 1611 meters is the highest mountain road pass in Eastern Julian Alps, a wonderful experience. Just check traffic conditions before you go, it is a mountain road after all.

If you came from Vršič you can continue your way to Bohinj, which is the biggest natural lake in Slovenia. You will love the lake where you can swim and enjoy the views of the mountains all around. You can read more about Bohinj HERE.

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