In 2019 I spend 9 months abroad, I visited 13 countries and 4 continents. I have a big passion for traveling, I love to experience the cultural and natural wonders of our beautiful planet. Going up the country travel blog is all about sharing useful travel information, photographs and travel tips based on my personal experience.

My name is Tjasa, I was born and raised in Slovenia. By education, I am social informatic, which is the integration of social sciences, methodology of research and computer sciences. I did a yoga teachers training on my last trip to India, I’m a Hatha Yoga teacher, but in the last year, unfortunately, I didn’t practice a lot. Now I am practicing again, hopefully for a lifetime.

Love good food, people, music, nature, and gardening. I love the summer, cause I can grow my own vegetables, it is nothing better than cook a tasty lunch only from ingredients that you pick in your own garden. Oh, and yes, and I love to cook.

I have a big passion for traveling, my favorite way is on a budget (obviously), with the backpack.

I met my boyfriend 3 years ago, in India. I was traveling alone, and he was traveling alone. Because he is from Israel and me from Europe we have more difficulties than other couples that are lucky enough to live in the same country. I visited Israel twice but he came more often to Europe (our rule is not to be apart for more than 2 months). We also traveled around Europe together.

We just finished our South America and Mexico trip, we loved it and we got so much experience, we met lots of nice and good people. It was amazing!

My big passion for traveling started with my first travel far from home. It was with my friend Martina, 8 years ago, we went to India, we didn’t know anything, didn’t expect anything. It was one of the best things that happened to me. After 2 years I traveled to Morrocco and the same year I and Martina returned to India for the second time. Altogether I have visited 30 countries until this day and counting.

My first solo travel was when I decided (with encouragement my friend) that I will go to hitchhike from Slovenia to Chech. I started in Slovenia, went through Austria, Slovakia, and the next day I was already in Prague, drinking beer with my friend Katka (she lives in Prague). I loved solo travel so much, that in 3 months I was already on a plane to India, the adventure lasted for 6 months.

In my family nobody was a traveler, I remember times when it was even weird to them that I travel so much. It probably won’t surprise you that now they are traveling as well, they like it and they understand me. Me and my mom are already planning their next adventure!

Going up the country is a travel blog, where you can find undiscovered places from the first hand.



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