Hummus recipe

Hummus recipe

We don’t just love to travel, we also love food and cooking! I mean, travel and food often goes very well together I guess! 🙂 Hummus recipe for all the hummus lovers!

Welcome to our kitchen, where we’re crazy about hummus! It’s not just a dip for us; it’s a favorite snack, a go-to appetizer, and a must-have for any gathering. We love hummus because it’s creamy, tasty, and goes perfectly with everything from veggies to pita bread.

Today, we’re excited to share our simple and delicious hummus recipe with you. It’s easy to make and packed with flavor, making it perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re hosting a party or just craving a yummy snack, our hummus recipe is sure to hit the spot.

Get ready to enjoy a blend of chickpeas, tahini, and lemon that’s smooth and satisfying. With just a few ingredients and a bit of mixing, you’ll have a bowl of hummus that’s ready to be scooped up and devoured. Let’s dive in and start dipping!

Ingredients for 6 people – Hummus recipe

1/2 kg small dried chickpeas
1/2 medium onion (optional)
1 teaspoon baking soda
Water to cover the chickpeas
350 grams tahini
2 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup minced fresh parsley
1 teaspoon cumin (optional)
Olive oil


Rinse the chickpeas under running water, drain, and place in a plastic bowl. Add the baking soda and water, stir gently, and let soak at room temperature for 6-12 hours. At the end of soaking, the chickpeas will swell, and their drained weight will be 1 kg.

The Cooking – Hummus recipe

Transfer the soaked chickpeas with their soaking liquid and onion to a pot with a volume twice that of the chickpeas and their liquid, and bring to a boil over high heat. Just before boiling, white foam clouds will rise, formed from the baking soda. Remove the foam, stir vigorously until no more foam forms. Reduce the heat to medium-low; the hummus should simmer gently.
The cooking time is approximately 1 to 2 hours. Throughout the cooking time, stand by the pot and tend to it, stirring occasionally to prevent chickpeas from sticking to the bottom, and adding boiling water if the water level in the pot drops below the level of the chickpeas.

During the cooking some of the chickpeas skins will separate and float to the top. Remove them using a slotted spoon (its ok if you leave some). After about 1 hour of cooking, the chickpeas should be golden and tender. Season with salt to taste and continue cooking until all chickpeas are soft (they should be easily crushed with between fingers), and turn off the heat. Allow the hummus to cool in the pot, covered with its cooking liquid. Once the chickpeas have reached room temperature, strain them from their liquid, and reserve ½ cup of cooking liquid on the side

Preparing the hummus

Save on the side 1/3 cup of the cooked chickpeas. In food processor (possible also with stick blender) process the rest of the chickpeas, onion and liquid until smooth. Add the tahini, lemon juice, and salt, and continue processing until a smooth cream is obtained (if needed add more water).

Plating the hummus – Hummus recipe

Pour a generous hill of hummus on each plate, add a spoon of the cooked chickpeas you saved on the side. Sprinkle cumin and parsley. Drizzle a bit of lemon and pour olive oil generously around the plate.

Hummus recipe
Absolutely delicious!

Extra tips for Hummus

  • The smaller the chickpeas, the more buttery its texture and sweeter its taste (avoid using ‘big’ types of chickpeas).
  • Adding onion to the cooking will add more sweetness to the hummus.
  • Use only high quality cold press olive oil.
  • Use only good quality Tahini (if u like the taste of your tahini by itself it’s good enough).
  • For a less heavy hummus use less Tahini.
  • Hummus is best served warm.
  • Shelf life in the fridge is up to 3 days.
  • It’s possible to freeze the leftover chickpeas with a bit of cooking liquid for future uses.

Bon appetit

We hope you enjoy our hummus recipe and that you prepare it with joy. Remember, hummus is more than just a dip – it’s a fantastic dish to share with friends and family. Enjoy every bite and be creative in the kitchen!

Thank you for taking the time to try our recipe. Next time you’re in the kitchen, have fun and enjoy preparing delicious meals. Bon appétit!

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