What to do in Tel Aviv | Top things to do in Tel Aviv

What to do in Tel Aviv | Top things to do in Tel Aviv

What to do in Tel Aviv | Top things to do in Tel Aviv

You planning on visiting Tel Aviv you don’t know what to do in Tel Aviv? What are the top things to do in Tel Aviv? Read more about it in this article.

Tel-Aviv is the beating heart of Israel, and it is considered as the most popular city among the Israelis. Its urban population includes celebrities, artists, students, businessmen, and nightlife enthusiasts.

Even though it is quite small in size, it contains everything that big global cities around the world have to offer. Skyscrapers, high tech buildings, parks, markets, sandy beaches, museums, pastoral boulevards, restaurants, bars, and clubs.

All this mix created a 24/7 lifestyle of a city that just refuse to go to sleep. Travelers love it, and you can see tourists wandering around all the time. So, if you are starting to think about checking it out, read more about what to do in Tel Aviv.

What to do in Tel Aviv | Top things to do in Tel Aviv:

Chill on one of the beaches

Tel Aviv is known for its beautiful beaches, which stretch along the Mediterranean coast. Spend a day soaking up the sun and swimming in the clear blue water.

The beaches of Tel Aviv are one of the main trademarks of the city. Besides the warm water and the silky sand, the beaches in Tel Aviv are special because of the fact, that each area has its vibe and uniqueness.

For example:

Hoff Haklavim (Dogs beach)

Tel Aviv residents are considered huge pet lovers (some will argue there are more dogs and cats than people). That’s why the city provided 4 beaches, especially for dogs to run, swim and play. If you are a dog lover and not afraid to get a bit dirty, it’s a wonderful experience, hang around and watch their joyfulness playing.

Hoff Hatopim (Drums beach)

This beach got its name due to a drumming band that comes every Friday from noon to sunset, playing tribal ecstatic music. Usually, it draws a big crowd of happy people to dance to their beats, and forms to a wonderful daylight party.

Its free of charge and everyone can join the celebration. Besides that, there’s an awesome 20-meter long breakwater made out of rocks, where u can walk along (be careful not to slip) and find a quiet spot to hang, just you and the sea.

What to do in Tel Aviv
Drums beach is a perfect spot to relax

Manta Ray Beach

This beach is one of my favorites. It stands right in the middle between the modern landscape of Tel Aviv to the ancient architecture of old Yafo (Jaffa), on the right fancy hotels and green parks, on the left majestic Muslim Mosques.

The ambiance around is very peaceful, and it draws mostly young ‘hippie’ style people, who come to play acoustic instruments, do yoga, slackline, or just chill and relax.

It is recommended to wait for sunset to look at the beautiful sun slowly fade away while listening to the Moazin Arabic singing prayers that come from a nearby Mosque speaker.

What to do in Tel Aviv
Peaceful ambiance

Rent a bicycle or electric scooter and explore the city – What to do in Tel Aviv

Throughout the city, you can find dozen of scattered self-rental stations of bicycles or electric scooters. Usually, you will have to download an app where you can fill your details, there will be instructions in English, explaining the whole process.

A good way to explore the city

With the scooter you don’t even need to find a parking station, all you have to do is find a decent place to park and close your session in the app.

What to do in Tel Aviv
You can also rent a bycicle

This way of exploring the city is very recommended, besides being a more pro-green environment, it is the cheapest and fastest way to get around. Add to this is the thrill of experiencing the Tel Aviv vibe and culture more closely.

Take a walk or bike ride along the boardwalk

The Tel Aviv boardwalk, also known as the Tayelet, runs for several kilometers along the beach and is a popular spot for walking, jogging, and biking.

Wander around the markets – What to do in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has a number of vibrant markets, including the Carmel Market, the Levinsky Market, and the Jaffa Flea Market, where you can browse for souvenirs, sample local food, and soak up the lively atmosphere.

Tel Aviv-Yafo has a few very exciting markets all around, and its recommended to visit at least once. Each market stores its own magic, a great way to get close to the food and culture of the area.

Here are a few examples:

Shuk HaCarmel

The biggest and most known market in the city, where you can find almost everything. Colorful stalls of local spices, homemade pickles and olives, endless of delicious Israeli and continental street food, clothes of all the brands (maybe original, maybe not), housewares, sweets, and gummy snakes, cheese and wine shop boutiques.

What to do in Tel Aviv
This market is full of fresh products

Besides the great variety of goods that this market has to offer it is also recommended to go and explore different alleys alongside the market. Especially the ones that lead you to Kerem HaTeimanim, this magical neighborhood has some of the best Jewish Yemen restaurants and it is highly recommended.

Shuk Hapishpeshim (flea market)

Located in the old city of Yafo, this market has a very special authentic charm. For many years the market was mostly known for the vendors on the street selling second-hand goods and some antique shops.

But in recent years this place is blooming and it became one of the most popular hangout places in the city. Along with the market, you will find many restaurants, cafes, and bars.

Shuk Hatikva

To really feel the Tikva market, you have to visit on Friday morning, the energy of the place is like no other market. The smell of fresh fruits and herbs, shouting vendors, boiling pots of homemade traditional food, and packed small bars with people who salute to life. It is everything you imagine and wish to experience in a market, a real old school market.

Shuk Levinsky

Another amazing small-sized market, located right next to the famous Florentin neighborhood. In this market, you can find spices from all around the world. Different types of nuts by the pound, homemade pickles, and olives, fruit shake stalls, tapas bars You also have Greek and Turkish bakeries, and several delicious Persian restaurants.

Enjoy the lively nightlife – What to do in Tel Aviv

The city that never sleeps, loves its nightlife. Packed with different clubs, cocktail bars, pubs, music shows, and of course people who love to party. The variety is huge and everyone can find their kick. Tel Aviv has a vibrant nightlife scene, with a variety of bars, clubs, and live music venues that cater to all tastes.

Here are some of the known party places in the city :


Since 1994 this club is rocking Tel Aviv. It is one of the most famous concert clubs in Israel, and almost all the local famous artists performed there. It is mainly rock music associated but in past years also attracts different kinds of live music acts. For event dates and details you can check on their WEBSITE.

The Block

The best and biggest electronic club of Tel Aviv, the location at the shady center bus station just adds to its exciting dark vibe. The club is equipped with one of the best sound systems in the world and has 3 different dancefloors.

Usually, the main music is techno and house, but some events can be also with trance and other electronic genres. Each week the club host DJs from all around the world and it is very recommended to party people and clubbers. Check their schedule HERE.

Bellboy bar

Fancy cocktail bar, with the impressive design of the 1920s style, the waiters dress accordingly. They serve some original unique cocktails alongside some of the classics, you can also order food but be prepared for prices above the average. You can order a table through their WEBSITE.


One of the most popular pubs in Tel Aviv for many years. It is located at the beginning of the Carmel market and draws beer drinkers and food lovers all day long. It is opened 24/7. The place offers different kinds of tap beer and its famous for dishes that are based on fresh ingredients from the market.

Try the food

Tel Aviv is a food lover’s paradise! With a lot of restaurants, cafes, and street food stalls serving up everything from traditional Middle Eastern cuisine to contemporary fusion dishes.

To read more about where to eat in Tel Aviv click HERE.

Explore the old city of Yafo – What to do in Tel Aviv

Located just south of Tel Aviv, the historic port city of Jaffa is home to picturesque streets, ancient ruins, and a thriving art scene.

Old Yafo is an ancient port city existing since the bronze age. The whole area is full of Mosques, museums, churches, and monasteries. You can easily spend a whole day exploring the different alleys towards the port. Or you can enjoy the interesting architecture or eat at one of the many delicious Arabic restaurants.

Here are some of the sights worth checking out:

Jaffa Clock Tower

Located in the most crowded area of old Yafo, this monument was built during the Ottoman period. And it attracts a lot of tourists. Close to the tower, there’s the famous bakery ‘Abulafia’ where they sell fresh warm Arabic pastries.

What to do in Tel Aviv
View on beautiful Yaffo

Kikar Kdumim (Kedumim square)

The main square of the old city and it includes an underground visitor center and the St. Peter’s Church. Part of the square covers archeologic sights, some of the remains that were found, came from different ancient eras. Around the square, there are many restaurants, galleries, and gift shops.

Gan HaPisga (The summit garden)

A small beachside park, located on the Yafo hill. Besides the pastoral atmosphere, you also get an amazing view of the Tel Aviv coastline.

A special mix of modern and old

Tel Aviv – Yafo is a great place to travel, it is a special mix of modern and old. With amazing beaches and hangouts, liberal and super welcoming to people from around the world.

With wonderful weather all year round, we don’t wonder why more than 2 million people visit it every year. We also can’t forget the art scene, colorful markets, and outstanding nightlife – Tel Aviv is one of a kind.

Tel Aviv is a mix of modern and ancient

So what are you waiting for? Get on your bathing suit, rent a scooter, and start to explore this wonderful city.

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