Bovec Slovenia travel | Best things to do in Bovec

Bovec Slovenia travel | Best things to do in Bovec

Bovec Slovenia travel | Best things to do in Bovec

If you travel to Slovenia, Bovec is a place that you cant miss! Here are some of the best things you can do and see in Bovec.

The first thing that comes to my mind when someone mentions Bovec is my dear highschool friend Nastja (she lives there) and the beautiful River Soca. In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful rivers in the world and as a Slovenian, I am not being biased here, it really is. It has outstanding turquoise color and it originates in Triglav national park, from under the peaks of Julian Alps.

Bovec is a small little town in the heart of the Julian Alps surrounded by beautiful forest and outstanding mountains everywhere you look around. In Bovec, you have one big supermarket, a farmers market, a bakery, and some good restaurants with local food. I love the little Bovec square just in the center of the town where we always drink coffee, enjoying the view and absorbing the sun.

Enjoying the coffee with my friend

Bovec is the adrenaline capital of Slovenia and it attracts people from all around the world! So especially in the summer, this unique alpine little town gets alive and full of adrenaline lovers or just people that love nature.

Do you plan to travel to Bovec Slovenia? Read what not to miss here!

Check the Boka waterfall – Bovec Slovenia travel

This will be one of the first things you will see if you come to Bovec from Kobarid side. If you will arrive from Kobarid, there will be a parking lot on the right side of the road. You can see Boka waterfall already from the bridge but you can also hike towards it. You can hike all the way to the source of the Boka river, the walk will be approx 1,5 hour long. Boka waterfall is one of the highest in Slovenia, its 144 meters high and quite impressive.

Try yourself in some of many adrenaline sports

One of the first things I noticed when I came to Bovec was the number of adrenaline sports offered all around this cute little town. Adrenaline sports are the main activity here and if you are passing by you should try at least one of many. You can try yourself in rafting, canyoning, kayaking, zipline, sit on top kayak, trekking, skydiving. You can even try horseback riding in the village Zaga, nearby.

Us, trekking with our flip flops – very unprofessional

Take a walk above Velika Korita (Big Gorge)

This for me personally is one of the highlights around Bovec, I just love to visit this place! After you park your car to see Velika Korita you cross a wooden bridge and you can observe the beautiful view on Soca river from there already. After that, you take a walk by the river (it’s less than a kilometer walk) and you have many viewpoints on the way, you can even cool down in the river. But its very cold.

Bovec Slovenia travel
Beautiful Big Gorge with mountains in the back

Visit Sunikov vodni gaj in the Lepena village

I visited Sunikov vodni gaj for the first time this year, it’s in the same direction as Velika Korita (Big Gorge) in a really small village called Lepena. You can walk on the circle forest path and observe waterfalls and natural swimming holes in nature. I also loved the rocks all covered in moss, it gives it a special green effect.

Enjoy beautiful Virje waterfall – Bovec Slovenia travel

Another waterfall close to Bovec which you shouldn’t miss. I recommend you to take a walk to all the way from Bovec and in the end cool in the natural pool of this waterfall, you will be hot after all.

Bovec Slovenia travel
Virje waterfall in the winter

Visit Kluze fortress (trdnjava Kluze) and explore Bavsica valley nearby

Kluze fortress (also called the gate of Bovec) is 4 km away from the city center, it was built in 1883 and all through the history it protected the road leading to the city, so it helped to control entries into Bovec.

Today the inside of the fort was changed into a regional history museum and the walls are still surrounding it. For me personally, this fortress wasn’t anything out of this world but the surrounding of mountains and gorges around are really beautiful. It is also on the way to beautiful Bavsica valley where we were staying on our last visit.

Bovec Slovenia travel
View from our house in Bavsica valley

Where to stay in Bovec

I try to visit Soca valley as much as possible, this is one of my favorite spots in Slovenia after all. Two years ago I was wild camping in the Bovec area (it is not allowed to wild camp in Bovec – Triglav National Park – you will get a fine!) but this year we were staying in a friend’s cabin in Bavsica valley, it was amazing!

Otherwise, we always stayed in Airbnb, where we also had a kitchen and we could cook our own meals. Click HERE to get a 30€ discount from your first reservation and save some money.

Where to eat in Bovec Slovenia travel

If you are into grabbing something fast to eat I recommend the town bakery Erdogan, I liked their slice of pizza. When you pass Mercator (on the right), just keep walking straight, you will see it on the left side on the road.

For a proper meal I recommend:

Gostilna Sovdat a family run local restaurant in the center of Bovec with a lot of experiences, they are opened since the year 1969. They make delicious traditional local food (fish, salads, burgers) for a good price.

Pizzeria Casa Monte a bit out of Bovec but totally worth the drive. They will make you a delicious pizza (best around Bovec) with all kinds of toppings. Pizzas are around 10 €.

Gostisce Hedvika is 4 km out of Bovec in a small village called Koritnica. You can try traditional Slovenian and international dishes there surrounded by nature.

If you arrive in Bovec during the winter (November-March) you will probably have to cook by yourself because most of the restaurants are closed. The bakery is open all year.

Transportation around – Bovec Slovenia travel

I really recommend to have your vehicle or at least rent one for this part of Slovenia, it will make your life much easier. You have some public transportation but you won’t be able to reach many of these places above if you don’t have a car. I mean, you can always walk.

Where next?

It depends where you came from. If you came from Kobarid and its summertime you should continue towards Trenta valley, over Vrsic pass – 1611 meters- the highest road mountain pass in the Eastern Julian Alps, and from there down to Kranjska Gora. I can promise you, it is out of this world – the scenery, everything – I love this route! Check on the internet about Vrsic pass beforehand, it is a mountain road, it is good to be prepared.

If you are heading over Vrsic pass you should stop in Bohinj. Check my blog post about it: Best things to do in Lake Bohinj

If you just came over Vrsic through Trenta then you should continue towards Kobarid and explore around there.

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