What not to miss in Israel | Things to do in Israel

What not to miss in Israel | Things to do in Israel

What not to miss in Israel | Things to do in Israel

Israel is among the smallest countries in the world, but magically travelers can find everything they are seeking for. Desert and craters on the South, lively sand beaches along the center and waterfalls and streams in the green North.

On the East, you have the most holly religious city in the world and on the West the most party liberal city of the Middle East. Because of the country size, it’s super easy to travel, there is no excuse why not to explore and have a taste of everything.

Here is what not to miss in Israel:

Floating in The dead sea (Yam ha-melah) – What not to miss in Israel

Don’t let the name scare you, this place is a true natural gem. At the lowest point in the world, you will find a huge salt lake surrounded by breathtaking desert scenery.

The lake is one of the saltiest in the world, and its a must to go for a dip and float effortlessly on the water. It is also famous for its therapeutic benefits for the skin and diseases due to its high mineral content of the water. Don’t forget to cover yourself with the special mud of the lake which can be a super fun experience, plus it’s also healthy for your skin.

What not to miss in Israel
Floating in the Dead sea – What not to miss in Israel

Explore The old city in Jerusalem

There is some special energy on the streets of the Old City area – besides the ancient architecture, just to walk in a place so holy and sacred for so many people and religions in the world add to its charm.

The size of the area is not big, it’s easy to navigate and see most of the famous sites. If you are interested in history, it is recommended to get a tour guide. If you don’t take a guide don’t worry, it’s also fun just to stroll around from site to site and admire the history of a city that exists for more then 4000 years.

Exploring Old City in Jerusalem – What not to miss in Israel

Feel the vibe of Tel Aviv city

Start your day with a fresh delicious breakfast in one of the many coffee shops around the city. From there walk or rent a bicycle to one of the city’s beaches (each beach has its uniqueness), lay on a blanket with a cold beer, relax and absorb the ambiance around you.

What not to miss in Israel
We love Tel Aviv

For lunch go to the Carmel market, full of food stalls and restaurants, try to pick from the smell that catches your nose, you won’t be disappointed. In the evening u can pick from endless options of bars and clubs, the nightlife of Tel Aviv is one of the best.

Hike in Makhtesh Ramon – What not to miss in Israel

The biggest erosion crater in the world, a natural phenomenon, an absolute must to go and explore even if just for one day. The landscape is mostly desert, with impressive colorful rock mountains surrounding the place. It is also known for its different colors of sand-like purple red and yellow, which adds to the uniqueness of the area.

There are several hiking trails around the crater, and its recommended to get all the information and safety rules beforehand. Be advised that the conditions can get very hot, so be cautious and plan your hike.

If you have more then a day to stay its highly recommended to sleep in Mizpe Ramon, a tiny cozy town up of the crater with the most breathtaking view of the crater region, especially during the sunset.

What not to miss in Israel
Beautiful colours just before the sunset

Go dance at a trance nature party

The trance scene in Israel is one of the biggest in the world, and through the years a lot of big international artists emerged from it. You can find some annual big festivals which bring the best artists in the genre, and also some underground parties you can only hear about from mouth to ear.

The parties are usually very colorful and energetic, and the Israeli crowd loves it. You can find a few good parties all year long and enjoy the special energy of the Israel trance music scene.

Trance party in the nature

Drifting on the Jordan river – What not to miss in Israel

The Jordan River starts from the North of Israel and goes through the Sea of Galilee and ends on the Dead sea. The river is considered holy in Christianity and attracts pilgrims from all over the world to wash in the sacred water.

The refreshing cold water combine with warm sun and green surroundings also attracts nature lovers – rafting or tubing is also a great way to experience the river. Several agencies have all sorts of water attractions, where you can take a guided tour with kayaks or rent a river tube (Aboov in Hebrew).

Visit the Masada fortress

In the Juda desert, on the top of a big isolated rock formation, a fortress was built by King Herod between 37 and 31 BC. This place was built as a royal Sanctuary and had a very sophisticated water system that provided water all year long in the harsh environment of the desert.

Besides the impressive architecture and design of the fortress, you get an amazing view of the Juda desert and the Dead sea. Going up to the top of Masada can be done by foot which can be a bit challenging but more rewarding or paying money and go by the easy-going cable cart.

What not to miss in Israel
The view on the breathtaking Masade fortress and the desert

For travelers who are into history, it’s recommended to get on the site a tour guide, this place stores some very interesting events that happened way back in time.

Camping around the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret)

The lowest fresh lake water in the world, and the holiest – considered by many. Even Jesus himself went for a swim in the wonderful waters of the Kinneret. The rich history of the place combined with natural beauty attracts people from all over the world.

Camping on the Kinneret beaches is considered as a tradition for a lot of Israelis, and this is for a good reason. This famous lake is surrounded by camping sites and beaches, where you can open a tent and camp just next to the water.

Camping next to the Sea of Galilee

Most of the beaches will have simple facilities like showers and water – try to bring everything you will need with you because usually, stores are a driving distance away.

It is also recommended to go and explore around the lake and visit historical sites and enjoy the nature of the Galilee. Be aware that on weekends and holidays, the beaches can get very crowded, so it’s better to go on weekdays for a more relaxed experience.

Israel – a melting pot of cultures

Israel is all about diversity, and you can feel it in every aspect of the country. It is a melting pot of cultures with a variety of different natural landscapes, ancient history, strong religious influences, and open modern liberal views.

All of this mix together in one small country makes it such a great destination for traveling where you can absorb so much in a short time.

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