Top things to see in Mostar

Top things to see in Mostar

Mostar is one of the top locations to see in Bosnia, it is also one of the most visited ones and I don’t wonder why. One of the most ethnically diverse cities in Bosnia, with an eastern vibe, sometimes it gives you a feeling that you are in Turkey. Especially walking on the narrow cobbled streets surrounded by all the souvenirs shops and restaurants. It has beautiful architecture, outstanding natural beauty and of course the great old bridge with the view on the beautiful but cold Neretva River.

I was in Mostar like 15 years ago already, so this was my second visit to the city, this time we spend 2 nights there. It is quite touristic, especially in the old town it can get crowded and very hot, we had like 38 degrees at the end of August. With the beauty of the city, you forget all of those things and you just enjoy every moment spend there. At least we did.

So if you are interested in visiting Mostar and know which are the top things to see in Mostar, you should continue reading.

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Take the walk the old town and see the bridge – top things to see in Mostar

The highlight and one of the first things you will do in Mostar will probably be this one. The old town is small and really charming with all the stalls selling copper items, rugs, painted plates, and souvenirs. And all the ways, of course, lead to the beautiful old bridge – stari most.

Top things to see in Mostar
Souvenir shops in the old town – Top things to see in Mostar

The bridge was unfortunately demolished by Croats in 1993 during the war, but it was rebuild in 2004 and its a UNESCO world heritage site since 2005. From the bridge, you have a beautiful view of the Neretva river and to the beautiful historic town. Be careful walking the narrow streets, and crossing the bridge the rocks are very slippery!

Top things to see in Mostar
Crossing the old bridge – Top things to see in Mostar

Wait for the bridge jumpers – top things to see in Mostar

People have been jumping from the bridge for more than 400 hundred years and it takes them around 3 seconds to reach the water, it is high! We were a bit unlucky cause we missed the traditional jumping competition for only 2 days. A bit disappointing but we still saw divers jump from 26 m meters to the water. They gather on the bridge and ask people for donations, once the expected value of money is reached, one of them jumps from the bridge. I think it’s around 50€..

Eat some delicious local food

Bosnian food is delicious and cheap. Bosnians are very hospitable people so you don’t have to worry that you will leave the table hungry, I think you have more chances that you will have problem breathing cause you ate too much. We had an amazing dinner in the heart of the town, the place is called Cevabdzinica Tima – Irma, they have delicious traditional food. They even had a plate for vegetarians, which was a nice surprise, usually, vegetarians have limited options in local restaurants.

Swim in the Neretva river

Wow, you have to be brave to do that cause the river is cold. It is so cold that it hurts your feet just stepping inside. But we saw some brave people that had no problems dipping inside the water and cooling off in the heat I just wasn’t one of them.

Visit Blagaj monastery – top things to see in Mostar

Blagaj monastery and the river Buna spring is a nice day trip from Mostar, A beautiful spring comes out of the cave under a vertical cliff, next to it its the mystical monastery. You can enter the monastery, eat at the restaurant (i have heard its good food), you ca neven go to the cave with the boat to see the spring from closer. The water coming out of the cave is so clean that you can drink it, I saw people doing it.

Top things to see in Mostar
Mysterious Blagaj, Tekija

If you want, you can enter the monastery for a small entry of 5BAM (2,8$;2,5€) but if you want to see just the outside, it’s free, just cross the bridge on the right and continue towards the cliff.

Blagaj monastery is located less than 15 km away from Mostar, a ride there takes less than half an hour.

Check the small town of Pocitelj

Pocitelj is so beautiful and visiting it is totally free if you don’t count the ride from Mostar. Pocitelj is a medieval walled village, only 30 km south of Mostar. The town looks abandoned at first glance and my first question was: »What we will do here?« But then we saw the beauty in this small magical village, overlooking on the Neretva river. It was very hot and we walked up the steep steps to reach the abandoned tower, we climbed up and the view was amazing.

Top things to see in Mostar
Beautiful view from the tower – Top things to see in Mostar

After we did the sightseeing we went for a local »burek – pita« (pie, a baked pastry filled with different toppings- cheese, potatoes, cabbage, meat) to the bakery next to the main road, it was delicious, it cost 2BAM (1,13$;1€)

Pocitelj is located 30 km away from Mostar, a ride there should take less than one hour.

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