Our favorite beaches off the beaten track

Our favorite beaches off the beaten track

No crowd, no beach umbrellas, and loud bars. Just peace and tranquility and you and me. Our favorite beaches off the beaten track!

During our travels around the world, one of our favorite landscapes is the sea and the beach. We actually first met at a beach town in the South of India. The soft sand to our feet, warm strokes of the sun, and of course the refreshing water are for us the perfect setting for relaxation, a sense of freedom, and enjoyment of life.

Unfortunately, we are not the only ones who share this passion, and usually (especially during the high season) the beaches attract masses of people which kind of ruins our fantasy of the ‘beach life’ experience. Luckily though, on rare occasions, we manage to find some magical hidden spots, that only a few know or are interested in. There, we can enjoy everything beaches have to offer without the noise and hassle that comes with big crowds.

So for all of the peaceful seaside lovers out there, we gathered here some of our favorite beaches off the beaten track. 4 continents, 5 different countries, and 5 stunning beaches by our choice.

Our favorite beaches of the beaten track:

Paradise Beach (Gokarna, India) – Our favorite beaches off the beaten track

Gokarna is an amazing chill-out beach town on the western coast of India. The place has several beaches to choose from, in all of them you can get a room just next to the water and enjoy good food, warm calm water, and relaxing hammocks. But, the real treat of this place is definitely Paradise beach.

First, to get to the beach you have to cross all the other beaches and even go through a small jungle, usually, it takes a bit more than 1 hour from the main beaches. The walk is very beautiful and mysterious which adds a build-up to this magical place.

Our favorite beaches off the beaten track
The views on the beautiful Paradise beach.

Once you will arrive at the spot, you will find a small sand beach with a few coconut trees, rock cliffs around, and a lot of psychedelic graffiti art. The beach is in complete solitude, with no hostels, rooms, or restaurants. You can spend a night there in a hammock or on the beach itself and you won’t bother anybody.

During the day few locals come to the beach and sell simple Indian food and of course tea (chai). If you’re lucky, the beach will probably be with very few people. In the back of the beach, you can also find some free spots to camp and spend the night under the stars.

Veleka beach (Sinemorets, Bulgaria)

Sinemorets is a tiny seaside village, along the coast of the Black Sea and a couple of kilometers from the border with Turkey. The lack of public transportation and the many touristic beach towns in the area gives the village its mystic and uniqueness.

Most of the beaches along the village are untouched beauty of nature that will take your breath away, but for us Veleka beach was the most special one. The first view that was revealed to us from the top of one on the cliffs was like nothing we ever saw. On one side is a beautiful sandy beach and blue water of the black sea, on the other side, a natural lake surrounded by green terrain, full of trees, horses running free, and wildlife.

Our favorite beaches off the beaten track
Our favorite beach in Bulgaria and one of our favorite beaches in Europe.

Definitely the highlight of the Bulgarian coast and Bulgaria in general.

Capurgana (Capurgana, Colombia)

Capurgana is a small town in Colombia, close to the border with Panama, surrounded by the jungle of the Darien Gap. It’s off the gringo trail (where most tourists go in Colombia) and accessible only by plane or speed boat. There are no cars, and besides the small local community, there are almost no foreigners.

The main street of Capurgana.

The main beach is quiet and small, with soft sand and full of coconut trees. The water is full of life and considered by few as one of the best snorkeling and diving spots in Colombia. A true Caribbean gem like you see on movies and postcards.

Our favorite beaches off the beaten track
The beach in Capurgana.

The Blue lagoon (Sinai, Egypt) – Our favorite beaches off the beaten track

The combination of desert and sea is always unique, but when you add to it also a crystal water lagoon it takes it to another level. The features of nature are so impressive and exclusive they will leave you in big awe.

To get to the lagoon is only by 4X4 vehicle through a rocky canyon or with a boat from the closest town. The beach itself is in the middle of nowhere, but there are a few very simple accommodation huts where you can sleep and eat.

The Lagoon is also famous for its kite surfing and there are options to rent gear, take a course or just absorb the surfers flying across the lagoon.

Our favorite beaches off the beaten track
The Blue Lagoon will leave you speechless.

Legzira beach (Mirleft, Morrocco) – Our favorite beaches off the beaten track

Only two hours driving South of Agadir, you will find a true treasure. Located between the sea and the desert, Mirleft is a small Berber town with warm locals and delicious cuisine. Mostly known for its beaches, unusual rock formations, and warn weather through all the year. No wonder why Jimmy Hendrix and the Rolling Stones loved this place so much.

The main street in Mirleft.

It is the ‘real Morrocco’ and it’s so laid back that you will feel that the time stopped. The town of Mirleft has two main streets, where you can find everything you need during your stay. The best place to relax, hike, surf, and of course chill on a beach. A real gem worth visiting.

Our favorite beaches off the beaten track
One of our favorite beaches around Mirleft.

If we write about it, is the place still undiscovered?

We weren’t sure if it’s a good idea to write about less discovered places. And we are talking about this in general about more places, not just the beaches. What if we (hopefully) go viral one day and then those places will actually get more visitors because of us? Would the place still feel the same if it’s overcrowded?

But then on the other side, we really want you to feel and experience what we did. What are your thoughts about this? We would love to hear your opinion. If you have been to any of the places mentioned above, how was it for you? Did you experience it the same? You also loved it? Let us know in the comment below.

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