Mancora travel guide | What to do in Mancora

Mancora travel guide | What to do in Mancora

Mancora travel guide | What to do in Mancora

Here is our Mancora travel guide, where you can read all about what to do in Mancora.

If you arrive in Mancora you are probably planning to cross to Ecuador or the other way around. Mancora is a small village surrounded by desert on Peru’s northern coastline, famous for its beach, surfing, and ceviche. It has one main street where you can find all the restaurants and stores. It is also a party place, a reason for a visit for many young travelers.

Mancora travel guide
On the beach with friends – Mancora travel guide

You are planning to visit Mancora? Keep reading my Mancora travel guide and get some ideas on how to spend your time there.

Mancora beach

Along the beach, you can see a mix of locals, young travelers, and surfers. Surfing is one of the main activities in Mancora and it attracts a lot of people. When we were there (beginning of May) the water was quite cold and it was also windy in the late afternoon. But even if it’s too cold for a swim, the beach is worth your time, you will have a stunning view of a really beautiful sunset from there.

Mancora travel guide
Sunset at Mancora beach

We liked the ambiance of the beach and the town very much but one thing disturbed us. As we walked along the beach, we saw hundreds of dead fishes, including a dead turtle and a baby dolphin. We were a bit shocked and while we were walking further, we saw even more dead fishes everywhere.

There were dead fishes also in the water, you could feel them while swimming, really not a nice feeling. It was disappointing to find out that the fishermen are overfishing the area and throwing back to the sea all that is not in use to them. The beach has a lot of potentials but this was a big downside for the place.

Mancora travel guide
Dead fish on the beach, very sad

Where to stay in Mancora

The town is very small and almost all the places to stay are around 5 minutes walk to the beach. If you like to party, you should stay at the Lokis hostel, or at least visit it. They have a pool and a huge bar, something happening everyday, party from morning to night. We didn’t stay there, we just visited to watch a football game and we can say that it was a lot happening there.

We were staying at a really nice guest house, one of our favorites, a place called Casa Naranja. Very chilled vibe, with delicious breakfast, shared kitchen, and private room with a bathroom for S36 (10,9$;9,8€) per person. Click HERE if you are using Airbnb for the first time and get up to 40€ discount on your first stay (minimum booking value is 65€!).

Where to eat in Mancora

You have a lot of restaurants on the main road, also on the road leading to the beach. We didn’t eat there, they are more expensive and we are traveling on a budget. You also have some fast food options, we tried tacos once, you can find this place on the way to the beach, the tacos were good, the price was good as well, S8 (2,4$;2,2€).

The average cost for menu del dia, which includes ceviche as entry is S10 (3$;2,7€), you will also get a free drink. We recommend you to go eat at the Mercado, you can get food there until 3 pm. There you will find the more local vibe and friendlier prices, menu del dia cost around S6 (1,8$;1,6€).

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