How to get from Huanchaco to Huaraz
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How to get from Huanchaco to Huaraz

Huaraz is located in the Andes mountains in central Peru, while Huanchaco is a coastal town located in the northwest of the country. Here are some ways to get from Huanchaco to Huaraz…

Huanchaco is a beach town, a bit more than 10 km north of Trujillo. If you don’t like cities so much and you prefer the beach, this is a good alternative where to stay. It is only 10 minutes away from the Chan Chan ruins so its a perfect base to explore the sites. We knew that after Huanchaco our next destination will be Huaraz, but buses from Huaraz leave only from Trujillo. A couple from our hostel told us that they bought them in Trujillo but we were lazy to go there. It’s a big city, not much to see. We tried to find another way how and where to buy the tickets to get from Huanchaco to Huaraz.

How to get from Huanchaco to Huaraz

How to get from Huanchaco to Trujillo

Buses from Huanchaco to Huaraz go only from Trujillo, so you will have to get there first.

You can take a taxi if you plan to go with the night bus they will charge you around 25 soles.

Another option is to go to Trujillo by bus and then in the center catch a taxi to the terminal. In Huanchaco just walk to the main road and wait that you see the red bus. Wave to them and they will stop you.

Public transport in Huanchaco

Ticket to the city is 2 soles and a taxi from the center to the terminal is 7 to 8 soles. If you are taking the night bus I recommend you to leave Huanchaco around 8 pm, you need to be at the terminal 1 hour before, to claim your tickets (show the email at the office you travel with).

The terminal is a special experience, it literary looks like an airport.

Take the bus – How to get from Huanchaco to Huaraz

You have 3 options where you can buy your tickets:

Buy tickets in Trujillo bus terminal

If you still decide to visit Trujillo, you can buy bus tickets there at the terminal.

Buy tickets in Huanchaco

You don’t need to go to Trujillo just to buy bus tickets, you can buy them in Huanchaco just next to the ATM (Cajero automatic).

Buy tickets online (that’s what we did and we recommend you to do the same)

The most common way to travel from Huanchaco to Huaraz is by bus. There are several bus companies that offer this route, including Movil Tours, Oltursa, and Cruz del Sur. The journey takes around 8-10 hours, depending on the traffic and road conditions. It is recommended to book your tickets in advance, especially during peak travel seasons.

We talked with our friend and told her that we will buy bus tickets in Huanchaco. She told us to buy them on the internet, she did it and it was completely safe, the company is called RedBus. She sent us the link, we typed our destination, put the date and got a lot of different time and cost options. Tickets were from 45 to 75, we booked the one for 45, at 10:20 pm arriving to Huaraz 6 to 7 am. After you finish with the payment you will get an email with your data. I recommend you to buy the ticket one day before the travel, cause you will get a better price and bus company. We took the Movil bus, I can recommend, it was comfortable and they even offered us a snack and a drink. Click HERE to buy your tickets.

Taxi or private car

Another option is to hire a taxi or a private car to take you from Huanchaco to Huaraz. This can be more expensive than taking the bus, but it offers more flexibility and comfort. It is important to negotiate the price with the driver in advance and make sure that the vehicle is in good condition for mountain roads.

Bus is the best option

Overall, traveling from Huanchaco to Huaraz by bus is the most convenient and cost-effective option. However, if you prefer more comfort and flexibility, hiring a taxi or a private car can be a good alternative.

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