Bacalar lagoon Mexico | Best things to do in Bacalar

Bacalar lagoon Mexico | Best things to do in Bacalar

Bacalar lagoon Mexico | Best things to do in Bacalar

You planning to visit Bacalar lagoon Mexico? We wrote the best things to do in Bacalar, which will keep you occupied for a while.

After the tourist horror of Playa del Carmen and Tulum, we wanted to escape to a quiet place. We heard a lot of good things about Bacalar lagoon in Mexico, so we decided to check it out. It sounded cool – a unique, sweet water lake of 7 colors, with big swings on the crystal water and white sand on the bottom. The place sounded like the Maldives to us.

Bacalar laggon Mexico
Beautiful Bacalar lagoon Mexico

If you are planning to visit Mexico, Bacalar lagoon is a must, here are some tips on how to get the most out of it.

How to get to Bacalar lagoon Mexico

Bacalar is located next to the border with Belize and it’s not hard to reach. You have direct buses from Cancun, the bus ride will take you around 5 hours, and cost you around 400 MXN (20$;18€). If you come to Bacalar from Tulum, it will take you a bit more than 3 hours and you will pay around 200 MXN (10$;9€).

Buses in Mexico are quite expensive. You can check timetables HERE and get a 10% discount just you write this code at your purchase: cb-Or 9hnw.

In Bacalar, you can also catch a bus to cross over to the neighboring country Belize.

Where to eat in Bacalar lagoon Mexico

El Socio Taqueria at Avenue 7 is a popular local food place that draws locals and tourists alike. Here you will find a lot of tasty and rich Mexican dishes.

Besides the well-known tacos, you can get also delicious sopes (thick tortilla with vegetable and meat toppings), huarache (fried masa base with bean paste on it, with a variety of toppings, with green or red salsa, onions, cilantro, and cheese) – this was our favorite.

They also have fresh juices, we especially recommend melon juice, a great refreshment in the hot weather of Bacalar. You will love the prices, for a huaranche we paid 40 MXN (2$;1,8€), melon juice was 16 MXN (0,8$;0,71€).

The best time to visit is for breakfast or early lunch because the food is finished very fast.

Bacalar lagoon Mexico
El Socio taqueria – Bacalar lagoon Mexico
Delicious mushroom huaranche

Pues si restaurant is perfect for a nice romantic dinner, we recommend this Italian restaurant. You will find it just next to the main plaza. On the menu, you can find all the classic Italian dishes but you should go for amazing stove oven pizzas, perfect slim dough with rich tomato sauce. The best pizza we had in Mexico. Also, try their mojito.

If you are lucky, mariachi will come and sing at your table.

Where to sleep in Bacalar lagoon Mexico

Bacalar has quite expensive accommodation and good places are usually booked in advance. So book as soon as possible and get a good place. A very common and cheap option is to rent a tent in a hostel, we did that for two nights. The tent was comfortable it even had a small fan inside.

After 2 nights we had enough of camping, we changed it for a more comfortable room with AC. It was super hot all the time and we couldn’t take the heat anymore.

Bacalar lagoon Mexico
Us chilling next to the lake

One of the best decisions

Bacalar lagoon Mexico was exactly what we were searching for! Even though it is considered a kind of touristic, you can still enjoy a peaceful time away from the overcrowded Cancun area. Perfect place to relax, enjoy good authentic food, swim in the clean water. If you get bored you can explore the cenotes around or just chill in the shade of cute bamboo huts at the lagoon.

We planned to stay in Bacalar for 2 nights, in the end, we stayed there for a week. I don’t think I need to explain to you more about how much we liked this place. It is beautiful and very relaxed and totally worth visiting, especially if you are traveling in this area.

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