5 days in Malta itinerary | What to see and do in Malta

5 days in Malta itinerary | What to see and do in Malta

Welcome to our travel blog! This is our 5 days in Malta itinerary and what to see and do in Malta!

I and my friend Lucka just returned from Malta, we spent 5 days there, it was our first time exploring this beautiful country. From the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean to the stunning architecture and delicious local cuisine, Malta truly has something for everyone. In this post, we’ll share our favorite places to see and visit in Malta, as well as some tips on transportation, accommodation, and activities. So sit back, relax, and let’s take a virtual trip to Malta!

I found us a really cheap deal, for the return flight and 4 nights in a hotel with breakfast we paid 60€ each. So off we went and here are our 5 days in Malta itinerary!

Malta was amazing! The people are really nice, the food is delicious, lots of beautiful medieval cities and rich history, and outstanding beaches. Plus bus rides are super convenient and cheap, which makes it really easy to travel around.

We were a bit unlucky with the weather, it was rainy, windy, and not a lot of sun, but only those four days that we were there. On the day of our departure, the sun came out, I think it was over 20 degrees. Otherwise, I think Malta is good to travel all around the year, the temperatures in December are still much higher than in our country for example.

Architecture sometimes takes you to the Middle East, sometimes to Europe, and you can really feel different influences. It’s the same with the language, it’s a mix of Italian and Arabic, and most local people speak English as well.

Transport – 5 days in Malta itinerary

If you plan to rent a car, you have to know that you will be driving on the left side of the road. The island is small and it’s very easy to travel around. I don’t know the prices of car rentals but I have heard that it’s quite cheap.

We didn’t rent a car cause we read that it’s really easy to explore the island by bus. They have really good connections and the buses are reliable.

A single bus journey during the daytime will cost you 2 €, during nighttime will cost you 3€. If you are staying for longer and plan to explore a lot I recommend the Tallinja card. You can pick the unlimited weekly pass for 21€.

Cause we weren’t staying for one week we bought 12 single journeys Tallinja cards, it cost us 15€, I think its a good deal. You have free transfers for 2 hours, the island is quite small, so you can reach almost every place within 2 hours.

Food – 5 days in Malta itinerary

I am a food lover and I can say I was happy with their cuisine. They have good food, we are in the Mediterranean after all! Maltese cuisine has an Italian influence with a touch of North African (Arab) cuisine techniques. They also have delicious seafood.

If you visit Rabat you should check out a local place, it’s called Crystal Palace (Is-Serkin), they have the best pastizzi there, which is the cheapest street food on the island. Pastizzi is a traditional Maltese savory pastry, usually filled with ricotta cheese, peas, or chicken. We tried one with ricotta and one with pees, I liked the ricotta more. They also serve other pastries, coffee, and delicious hot chocolate. When we were there the place was packed with locals, that’s always a good sign.

Delicious pastizzi – traditional Maltese pastry

Most of the other times we ate in Marsaskala (where we stayed), which had several good restaurant options to choose from. We wanted to try a local rabbit stew but unfortunately, the most recommended place that supposedly makes the best stew was closed two days in a row.

Overall, I think that Malta has rich, good quality food, I enjoyed all my dishes there.

Our seafood dinner in Marsaskala

5 days in Malta itinerary | What to see and do in Malta

Malta is a small island but don’t let that mislead you, there is a lot of stuff to see and do there. We could easily stay for a couple of days more, then we could really see everything that this beautiful small country has to offer and also have more time to relax.

So, here is what we did in our 5 days in Malta:


We started our trip in the capital city of Valletta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its stunning Baroque architecture and rich history. While walking through the winding streets, admiring the colorful balconies and impressive facades of the city’s buildings. We visited St. John’s Co-Cathedral, an ornate church filled with intricate carvings and paintings, and the Upper Barrakka Gardens, which offer panoramic views of the harbor.

Because it was our first day, we decided to take it easy, so we explored around and try some good local food. First, we headed to Upper Barakka Gardens (free) and enjoyed the breathtaking view of the harbor. If you can, be there at noon for the midday guy salute and get the best view.

4 days in Malta itinerary
View on beautiful Valletta

Later we took a walk in the city, explored the streets, and admired the wonderful balconies and the sandstone buildings. We also visited Lower Barakka Gardens (they are approx. 15 minutes walk from Upper Barakka Gardens), from there you can watch the city from another position. It was very enjoyable, we sat on the bench and just watched the view of the city and the Mediterranean Sea.

The view from the Upper Barakka Gardens

From there we took a walk to the Grand Harbor, Port of Valetta (free). You have nice views there as well and a closer view of the harbor. There is an option to take a tour from the harbor and also places to have lunch there but for us, it was a bit too pricy and we were also still full from the pastizzi we had up in the city. From the harbor, you can take the lift back to the Upper Barakka Gardens, it’s also an experience, and it will cost you 1€.

Dingli cliffs

On the second day, we said we would visit first the Dingli cliffs and then continue to Rabat and Mdina, everything is relatively close – on the west side of the island. The bus ride towards Dingli Cliffs was very entertaining and the views from the Dingli Cliffs were amazing. This is the highest point on Maltese island. Except for the nice view and walking around, there is not much to do there so we decided to head towards Rabat&Mdina.

4 days in Malta itinerary
The view from Dingli cliffs – 4 days in Malta itinerary


We caught the bus nearby and in half an hour we were already at Rabat entrance. It was packed with people, there was also a Christmas fair going on, for me, it was a bit too crowdy. Later, we read on the internet that it was actually Republic Day and everybody had a day off from work. That’s why so many people were around.

4 days in Malta itinerary
Chrismas spirit in Rabat

Later we went to Mdina, which is just across the road, you should get lost in the beautiful alleys there. It’s an impressive city. Mdina, also known as the “Silent City” really put a spell on us. We walked through the narrow streets and visited the imposing St. Paul’s Cathedral.

4 days in Malta itinerary
Entrance to Mdina. Game of Thrones was filmed here!
4 days in Malta itinerary
Beautiful houses in Mdina

Gozo + The Popeye village

The third day was reserved for Gozo and the Popeye village. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it to Gozo because of the strong wind, people advised us not to go because it wasn’t safe. I am still a bit sad about it.

But we said we would visit Popeye village instead!

It was a long ride to the north of the island, it took us around 2 hours or even more to reach there. It’s still easy, don’t worry, you just need to change a bus or two in the process. It’s totally worth it, we loved The Popeye Village!

4 days in Malta itinerary
So excited!!

The wind was so strong that we almost got blown away! At this point, we were happy we didn’t go on a boat to Gozo.

We walked on the cliff and enjoyed the view and laughed because the strong wind was moving us around like feathers. You can also pay for the entrance and walk around in the village, for us, the free view from the top was enough.

4 days in Malta itinerary
View to the Popeye village – 4 days in Malta itinerary


Marsaxlokk is a traditional fishing village in south Malta, it’s actually the largest fishing village in the country. We were staying at its neighbor Marsaskala so it was really easy for us to reach there, I think it was half an hour bus ride and we were there. Marsaxlokk is very calm and laid back during the week, but every Sunday it gets filled with tourists and locals, the reason being the Sunday market.

4 days in Malta itinerary
Marsaxlokk Sunday market – 4 days in Malta itinerary

If you go to Malta, you should go to check it out, buy some souvenirs, try some good local seafood or at least just walk around and absorb the culture. It is a day great spend!

4 days in Malta itinerary
Luzzu – traditional Maltese fishing boats

Malta is the perfect vacation

Sadly, it was time to say goodbye to Malta. We packed our bags and headed to the airport, reminiscing about all the amazing experiences we had during our five days on the island. From the stunning architecture to the delicious local cuisine and crystal-clear waters, Malta truly captured our hearts.

Malta is one of those countries that are not on the radar of many people. But I can say that it’s a very popular destination among Europeans. If you are searching for a short vacation, charming Malta is definitely a winner!

Its size is perfect for exploring, the food is good, it’s easy to travel, it has outstanding beaches and of course, a rich history and architecture. These are just some of the things that will make your vacation perfect. Oh, and let’s not forget that Malta has 275 sunny days on average! 🙂

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