What to do in Brasov

What to do in Brasov

What to do in Brasov

We said, that we will visit Bucharest on the way home, at the beginning our thoughts were to the famous Dracula’s castle in Bran and of course Transylvania.

So that’s why at our arrival to Bucharest, we left the airport and went directly to the railway station (Gara de Nord), to catch a train to Brasov.

Also from Brasov is really easy to reach most of the places in Transylvania.

If you want to find yourself a train ride, you can do it here.

You can also take a minibus, which we did, you can check your options here.

Moving around Brasov is very easy, public transport is cheap, 2 lei for a ride.

Bran castle

In the morning we headed to the famous Bran castle. You can reach Bran castle easy from Brasov on a budget. Go to the Brasov bus station 2 (Autogara 2), you have buses there every half an hour heading to Bran. Search for the buses marked »Bran – Moeciu«, ride takes 45 minutes and it costs 8 lei, you pay on the bus.

We came to Bran when we arrived, there was a huge storm, rain pouring like it hasn’t rained for a long time. After squeezing and getting more and more wet under a small bus station rooftop, we decided to leave and have a lunch in a restaurant, it’s a big choice of them once you arrive.

After the rain stopped we headed to the legendary Dracula’s castle, actually, it’s a castle of Queen Marie of Romania. In the end, it was still nice to explore it, it’s gothic and it has secret passageways.

If I would go again, I would just sit outside and enjoy the beautiful view to the castle from the park (it’s for free, you just pass the entrance and head to the right, they don’t check for the tickets there). The view of the castle from there is very beautiful. Some people say that the Bran castle is a tourist trap, I leave that decision to you.

You catch a bus back to Brasov just the opposite where it dropped you off.

What to do in Brasov

Gothic, medieval, beautiful architecture and beautiful natural surroundings are just some of the things that make Brasov one of my favorite cities in Romania.

I really enjoyed the time in Brasov. One day we just walked in the city, and the historic streets had good food, sat on a bench and observe people at the  Piata Sfatului (Council Square), which is Brasov’s medieval historical center. Just next to the square is Biserica Neagra (Black Church), an impressive gothic church, I think one of the biggest in Europe.

I recommend you to hike to Mount Tampa, to the Brasov sign, it’s a very nice walk, it takes around one hour, through the forest. The view from the top is beautiful, you can see all the Brasov from there. If you are not a person that likes to walk, you can take a cable car to the top, its 10/16 lei (one way/return).







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    1. Hey Robert! 🙂 Yes we were, but the weather didn’t ruin our day, we absolutely loved Brasov! Thanks for your comment, we will gladly check out your link! 🙂

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