Romania travel

Romania travel

We are back from our trip around Romania. I knew I will like it. I have to say, it was much better than I expected. Our Romania travel was mystical, green, historical, beautiful people are just some of the things that makes you wanna stay longer and explore more.

What I liked the most:

Drive on Transfagarasan road

We met a beautiful couple from Poland, actually, they were newlyweds, on their honeymoon. We rented a car for one day and we went on an adventure that was for sure one of the best things that happened in our travel. Transfagarasan is a mountain road, one of the most spectacular roads in the world. It rises to the hight of more than 2100 meters, it has viaducts, tunnels and on it’s highest point it’s also a beautiful lake. Wear warm clothes, cause it’s very cold on the top. Never in my life, I saw so many weather changes in such a short time. Rain, the fog that you can’t see one meter ahead, cold, wind, sun, hot, we experienced everything.


I’m a big enthusiast for languages and I fell in love with Romanian language, Romance language that origins from Latin. It’s similar to Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. Cause the country is positioned in Eastern Europe, most of the people think that it’s part of the Slavic family, I thought the same. Well, it has some Slavic roots but they are only 10% of the vocabulary. The first word I learned was mulţumesk (moltsomesk) and I used it on daily basis, it means thank you.


I love Brasov! Such a nice city. We spend 3 days there and we enjoyed every part of it. It’s a medieval town and it’s a perfect base to explore Transylvania. Historic Brasov (also called Romanian Hollywood with the sign Brasov on the top of the hill) offers medieval architecture, gothic church, narrow streets. Big square (Piata Sfatului) is the center of the city and it’s full of restaurants bohemian cafes and shops.


Sibiu is a must place to visit if you are in Romania. It’s an incredibly beautiful city, where I got the feeling, that I could just stroll around the streets, sit on a bench, watch people passing by… It’s like a walk in the past, sit at Piata Mare (big square), visit Brukenthal National Museum, stroll around Sibiu’s lower town, relax in one of the many Sibiu’s cafes.

A 3 day trip to Moldova

We weren’t sure if we will visit Moldova, finally, we decided to go, it’s not far, so why not. Moldova is very different than Romania, it’s small (I’m from Slovenia, saying this, Slovenia is actually smaller than Moldova) and they say that it’s one of the least visited country’s in Europe and now when I think about it, we didn’t see a lot of tourists there. Chişinău is the capital and it’s a nice time to spend for a day or two, you can still feel the influence of the former Soviet Union. Oh, I almost forgot, bus rides are crazy cheap, it’s like 5 cents (0,05€) for a ride, you can get wild and try all the routes in the city. You know where is the biggest wine cellar in the world? Yes, it’s in Moldova.


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