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I’m not a writer or a journalist. First time I thought about writing a travel blog was on my last trip to India, cause it often happened that I had nobody to talk to, so I started to write a diary. At first, it felt weird. The last time I wrote about my feelings was when I owned a journal as a teenage girl. Then I got used to it, every day I wrote more and now we are here.

Going up the country is a travel blog, here I want to share useful travel information, photographs and travel tips based on my personal experience with you.

How many days to spend in Sarajevo

Sarajevo is an amazing city, not big but with so much stuff to explore and so much stuff to do. We weren’t sure how many days to spend in Sarajevo so we booked a hostel in the center of the city for 3 nights, which was enough but I could easily stay one more, the place has so much to offer. You can explore the old town Bascarsija, eat some amazing local food, join a free walking tour, visit museums, hike, visit an abandoned bobsleigh and even ride a bicycle all the way back to Sarajevo.

Top things to see in Mostar

Mostar is one of the top locations to see in Bosnia, it is also one of the most visited ones and I don’t wonder why. It has beautiful architecture, outstanding natural beauty and of course the great old bridge, with the view on the beautiful but cold Neretva River. You don’t have to worry that you will be bored, there are so many things to see in Mostar.

Bacalar lagoon Mexico

After the tourist horror of Playa del Carmen and Tulum, we wanted to escape to a quiet place. We heard a lot of good things about Bacalar lagoon in Mexico, so we decided to check it out. It sounded cool, a unique lake of 7 colors, with big swings on the crystal water with white sand on the bottom, the place sounded like the Maldives to us.

Machu Picchu on a budget

Every year it attracts a lot of tourists and I think I can say that its one of the most visited cites in all South America. Almost 2500m high Macchu Pichhu is the lost city of the old Inca kingdom, and one of the 7 wonders in the world. The main thing is to get from Cusco to Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu pueblo), and there is no road leading there. Aguas Calientes is the closest town to Machu Picchu, its a very cute little town, great to explore. Usually, you spend a night there and then early morning you head to Mach Picchu, by bus or on foot.

Mancora travel guide

If you arrive in Mancora you are probably planning to cross to Ecuador or the other way around. Mancora is a small village surrounded by desert on Peru’s northern coastline, famous for its beach, surfing, and ceviche. It has one main street where you can find all the restaurants and stores. It is also a party place, a reason for a visit for many young travelers.

How to hike Colca canyon on your own

The Colca Canyon is one of the deepest places on the planet, reaching a depth of 3,400 meters, more than twice as deeper as the Great canyon. It is a land of condors, thermal baths, and stunning nature. A lot of people choose the Colca canyon trek as a less crowded and cheaper alternative to the famous Inca trail. If you want to know how to hike Colca canyon on your own, you should continue reading.

From Peru to Chile by road

If you want to get from Peru to Chile by road, you need to reach Tacna first. Tacna is a commercial town, located only 35 kilometers away from the border with Chile. We came to Tacna from Arequipa, it is easy, you have buses all day long, the ride takes from 6 to 7 hours, we paid S20 (6$;5,4€). We also saw direct buses from other places in Peru (Lake Titicaca, Cusco) so I think it's really easy to get from Peru to Chile by road, also the border crossing was one of the fastest and easiest on our trip.

San Pedro de Atacama on a budget

I have to disappoint you. San Pedro de Atacama is pretty expensive, especially coming from Peru as we did. You need the tour for most activities, food is really expensive, accommodations as well. But there are still ways you can enjoy San Pedro de Atacama on a budget.

Laguna Churup - What to do in Huaraz

What to do in Huaraz

Over 3000m high, Huaraz is a Peruvian mecca for people that love trekking and outdoor activities. It is the place where you organize all your activities and the starting point as well. It is a charming place, very good for people on a low budget, the prices can be compared with India standards, which means it is super cheap. We like the place very much, stayed there for 6 days and were active almost every day, there is really so much of what to do in Huaraz and around.

How to get from Huanchaco to Huaraz

How to get from Huanchaco to Huaraz

Huanchaco is a beach town, a bit more than 10 km north of Trujillo. If you don’t like cities so much and you prefer the beach, this is a good alternative where to stay. It is only 10 minutes away from the Chan Chan ruins so its a perfect base to explore the sites. We knew that after Huanchaco our next destination will be Huaraz, but buses from Huaraz leave only from Trujillo.

Quilotoa loop trek

The best way to do the Quilotoa loop trek is to start in Latacunga and spend a night there. Then the most common and recomended way is to take a bus in Latacunga, drive to Sigchos and start to walk there, spend a night in Inslivi, next day hike to Chugchilan, spend the night there and finish the loop in Quilotoa, see the crater, and take a bus back to Latacunga. Here is how we did the Quilotoa loop hike, and a map as well.

How to get from Mocoa (Colombia) to Ecuador

We planned to cross the border in Ipiales, this is the most visited and most safe border crossing between Colombia and Ecuador. The problem started in Cali, we had no idea about it. We woke up early, wanted to go south, first to Popayan and then towards the border, via Panamericana (the road stretching across American continents). When we reached the bus station we found out that it is not possible to go to Popayan, and that is not possible to go south of Popayan as well.

Travel guide to Tayrona national park

Palm trees, beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear water, crocodiles, coconuts, Carribean sea, monkeys, coral reef, jungle, nature, horse riding in the jungle, snorkeling, huge boulders. All of this is possible in Tayrona National Park. You have beautiful Caribbean coast and behind you have the jungle of Sierra Nevada, which is the worlds highest mountain coastal range. This travel guide to Tayrona National Park gives you important information you will need before you come to Tayrona.

Best things to do in San Gil

San Gil is a town in Northeast of Colombia, around 300 km away from Bogota. San Gil is Colombia's adventure capital. A very cool place with super steep streets, beautiful plaza, nice people. Here is so much stuff to do, for sure you won't get bored. Its a paradise for people who like extreme sports, the most known one is white water rafting, and it is for sure one of the best things to do in San Gil. Besides that, you can do bungee, paragliding, canyoning, caving, hiking and so much more.

Visit Villa de Leyva

Villa de Leyva is a picturesque colonial town, located 166 km North of Bogota. Colonial style built houses with colorful wooden windows and balconies, narrow alleys, and streets paved with cobblestone gives it a special charm. It has a very big main square (Plaza Mayor), one of the biggest in Colombia, ita a nice place to sit and relax. Villa de Leyva is for sure a place to visit. We spend 2 nights in Villa de Leyva.

Layover in Istanbul airport

You are going to travel and you have a layover in Istanbul airport. Now it depends on how long this layover is, if it’s a short one I recommend you to connect to 2-hour free wifi service, have a coffee, enjoy a meal, do some shopping. Your time will pass fast.

Israel travel tips

I just returned from my second trip to Israel and once again it was so hard to leave. Always when I leave this beautiful country I want to stay more. Ancient and modern, exciting and diverse, from snowy peaks, valleys and, lakes in the North, to the desert, craters, and oases in the South. Full of history and beautiful architecture, sometimes it feels like you just traveled back in time. Here you have some Israel travel tips, hope you find it useful.

My favorite Slovenian Lake

Bohinj… My favorite Slovenian lake! Bohinj lake is the largest natural lake in Slovenia, it’s situated in the heart of the Julian Alps and Triglav National Park. It is so special because of 2 things: exceptional natural features and the rich source of activities in nature.

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